What Patients are saying.....

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Very friendly and knowledgeable, Dr. Denise worked on my back and ankle pain. Every time I left her practice I felt better. I highly recommend her. I am an athlete and trainer myself, she had a solution for all my problems and answers to all my questions
— El Tabz
Professional! Amazing! Knowledgeable establishment. Dr. D will help you on your road to health & happiness.
— Luis Pts Lopez - Owner Crossfit M.D.I.
I have had acupuncture before but it was never as effective as with Dr D - she is so knowledgeable and professional I recommend her to everyone I meet!
— Traci Krewson
I suffered from recurrent shoulder pain for years. I have tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, as well as anti inflammatory medication with no significant lasting relief. Dr D was amazing at explaining everything to me and after a couple of treatments I have complete range of motion back as well as no pain. I highly recommend contacting her if you have pain of any kind.
— J.P.
I have visited Dr. D for years and have always felt comfortable in both the service and that my health issues are successfully treated. I highly recommend Dr. D to my family and friends.
— Karina Montero
As someone who is a very active person, being able to recover quickly from sports related injuries is very important to my overall quality of life. In the past I’ve suffered from bouts of acute lower back pain associated with muscle strain do to weightlifting or martial arts. This has been something that typically takes about two weeks of very painful recovery and time away from training. Which severely affects my overall mood. However, when I injured my back recently, I had the pleasure of being able to visit Dr. D and she was, in just one 30 minute session, able to significantly reduce severe inflammation and discomfort in my lower back. By the day after the treatment, it felt as if the injury hadn’t even happened at all. This is the first time I had tried acupuncture and I am officially a believer! Dr. D is the real deal and shows legitimate concern for the well being of her patients. She takes time to understand your problems and quickly assess an appropriate treatment. Which is far more than I can say for most doctors I’ve been to, who seem content to look at you for 30 seconds and write you a prescription to get you out of their face. But, all that aside, I couldn’t recommend Dr. D highly enough! I would refer anyone, particularly those suffering from sports related injuries, to visit Dr. D and start feeling better TODAY!
— A.J. LoPrinzi
Dr. D is beyond amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend her, she is very caring and professional . She is helping me with some chronic issues, and I am already seeing results and getting relief.
— Christina Looker Stark
Dr. Jacobs will take care a your problems better than any medication prescribed!!!
— Joe Barber Gunzalez
She has helped me with several things! She is awesome!
— Tony Myers
Just because she’s Denise and she’s awesome!!
— Dontez Mac